Currey, Mary

Welcome to Ms Currey's Website

                                                 About Me

    My name is Mary Currey.  I graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors of Science in Education with a minor in history.  I have been teaching at Bowie for 11 years.  While I have taught world geography and US history, I have been teaching world history and AP world history for the last 6 years.  
     I am a firm believer that you get out of something what you put into it.  So I expect all of my students to do the best they can everyday.



Class Rules

1.  Be on time and ready to learn
2.  Respect yourself and others
3.  Wear your ID
4.  No electronic devices during class
without expressed premission




C1  Conference      8:45-9:30                                                       
C2 AP World History                  9:34-10:19                                                     
C3 World History                  10:23-11:08                                                    
C4 PLC        11:12-11:57                                                    
C5  World History        12:38-1:23                                                       
C6 AP World History         1:27-2:12                                                        
C7 DC Government         2:16-3:01                                                        
C8 World History    3:05-3:50                                                       



Homework Policy

Students do not often have homework.  Most of the homework will be what the students do not finish in class.  The completed homework must be turn in at the beginning of the next class.  Each day the assignment is late will be 10 points off the grade.


Contact Information

Phone Number (915) 236-7000  (for conference appointments)