Gray, Donna

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Science teacher /Bowie High School
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Alumni:  UT Arlington 1998 / BS in Biology
18 Years teaching, 7 at Bowie High School
14 years coaching



Class Rules

1. Be respectful at all times to everyone in the classroom.
2. Follow all instructions given - pay attention for what they are.
3. You are responsible for making sure you have all your materials with you every day: Pencil/pen and class binder.
4. Classroom should be neat and orderly when you leave, all materials put away
5. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in conference with teacher.  If this does not resolve the issue, a conference with an administrator, then parent, will be scheduled

Homework/Assignment Policy

All work is due the day following the assignment unless otherwise stated.  No work will be accepted more than 1 week late. 

Work not turned in on time must be made up in tutoring unless other arrangements have been made with me. 

My regular tutoring hours are Wednesdays from 4-5pm.  I am willing to arrange other times with you if you cannot attend at this time. 

Assignments may be made up, turned in late, or corrected per teacher conference, so there is no excuse for failure

If you are concerned about your grade, don't wait until the last minute to check with me about it, as it may be too late to do enough about it.

You MUST be proactive about your grade -no one else should care more about it than you - if you aren't concerned about it, don't expect me to be.



Pd 1 - Biology                      
Pd 2 - PLC / Conference       
Pd 3 - PAP Biology
Pd 4 - PAP Biology
Pd 5 - Biology
Pd 6 - PAP Biology
Pd 7 - AP Biology
Pd 8 - Conference