Chavez, Carlos

Bowie High School Stadium

Mr. Chavez!
classroom 236B

Important information about my Biology and Anatomy classes:

Students are allowed to make up ANY graded assignment they scored less than a 70 on.

Students must make corrections AT TUTORING!
Q.  When is tutoring?
A.  Any time a student wants as a long as they let me know 1 day in advance to assure that I will be here.
     I can meet student(s) before school from 8:00am - 8:30am or stay after school from 3:45 - 4:30


Tutoring will NOT be held the week before semester finals!
Tutoring is also NOT available Friday after school!




 Periods 1-4                           Periods 5-8

1st Period - Biology                                5th Period - Biology
2nd Period - Biology                          6th Period - Conference
3rd Period - Conference                          7th Period - Biology
4th Period - Biology                                8th Period - Biology

At the beginning of the school year I send a syllabus home with the class rules and expectations. Parents must sign the rules and students must turn it in for a grade.  Here are some highlights of those rules.

*Students are expected to be in class ready to work before the tardy bell rings!
*Electronic devices are not allowed during class.
*Students are only allowed 3 bathroom passes per semester!  Extra passes will be given to students who consistently display good behavior in class. 
*Students have 2 school days to turn in late work.  The highest grade they can receive is a 70.
*If a student fails an assignment, he/she my come correct that assignment during tutoring. If turned in on time, the highest grade they can receive is an 80.  If turned in late, they may correct the grade for up to a 70.