Torres, Jasmine

Band InstrumentsWelcome to Bowie High School Band!


Welcome! My name is Jasmine Torres and I am the band director here at Bowie High School. I have the privilege of teaching grades 9-12. In the fall we have our competitive Marching Band Season, and in the spring we have our concert season where we play for division ratings at UIL. This year at Bowie we are focusing on a few key concepts that have thus far significantly improved the overall quality of our program. Such includes:
-Clearly defining and improving our marching technique.
-Incorporating more basic music fundamentals in our everyday warm-ups/rehearsals.
-Increasing our use of sight-reading so as to solidify the music fundamentals we are continuing to review/learn.
-Continuously challenging our students by placing higher levels of music/drill in front of them. Our students' growth comes from helping/pushing them to do that which they currently cannot do.

All such concepts aid in not only helping our students develop into better musicians, but serve as a tool to teach our students work ethic and organizational skills. 

I graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelors degree in Music Education. I am certified to teach music for grades K-12. This is my first year here at Bowie High School.

My conference periods are 7th and 8th period, this is from 2:15 p.m. - 3:50 p.m. I am located in the Band Room inside the Bowie Fine Arts Building. You are always welcome to come and stop by during this time if you ever need to see me!