Magni, Catherine
Welcome to Mrs. Catherine Magni's class website!  Here you will find items that pertain to your success in Speech and Theater.  I have been in Education for over 20 years.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at El Paso in English and Master of Arts degree in Education.   I have taught Elementary, Jr. High and High School; English Language Arts, Speech and Theater Arts.   Every student should have the opportunity to acquire a good education.  You are the master of your own destiny!  Success is in your hands!



Class Rules

1.  #1 rule in my classroom is RESPECT FOR ALL, each other, teacher and any guests who may come into our classroom.
2. FOOD OR DRINKS  are NOT permitted in the classroom.
3. Students must bring all materials to class, blue/black pen, notebook loose leaf (not spiral) paper.
4. Students must be seated when the tardy bell rings.
5. NO CAPS  in the building.
6. NO PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION are allowed on campus/classroom.

7. Electronic media, without special permission from Administration, is not permitted in the classroom or on campus.

             Conference Period

C Day- 10:21-11:08 AM
B Day-   8:45-10:15 AM


                                                           CLASS WORK AND HOMEWORK
Work that is begun in class and is not completed should be taken for homework.  Chapters
are due no later than Friday of the respective week that it is assigned, or Monday of the following week.  If you are absent, you have one day for every day that you are absent
to make up the assignment(s).  Example: If you are absent 3 days, you have 3 days to turn in any work you missed.  Classwork (Daily work) is weighted 80%, Tests 10%, 9wks Test 10%.