Renteria, Victor M.

Welcome to my 2014-15 classes of Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Algebra II.
  Hello, my name is Mr. Victor M. Renteria.

Math in one of its many uses         I recieved my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering form the University of Texas at El Paso in 1973.  Some of my additional education includes 12 hours in a Masters of Industrial Engineering; and; 36 hours in a Masters of Business Administration--Management Option.  After seven years in Electronics Manufacturing; and; with the encouragement of friends I began my Alternative Certification in Teaching at UTEP, 1990-92.  This is my twenty-second year in teaching; and; I have been extremely, extremely blessed that all have been at Bowie

          Conference Hours are: Monday through Wednesday 8:45 -- 9:30 and 10:23 -- 11:08, while on Thursday and Friday the hours are 8:45 -- 10:15.  You can set-up an appointment by calling the main office, also.

Classroom Expectations: 
1.)  Be on time, be ready to participate verbally, read, and to work 
      at the Whiteboard;
2.)  Bring requested materials:  paper, pencil, and box of colored
3.)  Do the assigned homework within the four day span given to
      complete it; and;
4.)  Come ready to learn how to be prepared for next year's post-
      secondary expectations of "studying and doing all assigned
      work on time !"