Miller, Greta

Welcome to Ms. Miller's math and science classes.

I will do my best to provide my students with a solid background in mathematics and science so that they can achieve their educational goals. Ultimately it is up to the student to take responsibility for their own learning; the student will determine if they are going to be successful in my class. I am usually available to give students extra help before school at 8:00 and after school until 4:30.

Advanced Plant & Soil ScienceStudents at Bowie High school have a unique opportunity to learn about plants and soil this year in the newly formed Advanced Plant and Soil Science class. Students  apply their knowledge  in the Bowie Community Garden and earn their fourth year science credit. I am teaching one section of Advanced Plant and Soil Science this year as well as Geometry and Pre-AP Geometry.

Office Hours

8:45-9:15 and 3:15-3:45

If you would like to contact me, please call Bowie High School and leave a message with the school secretary. Please leave a phone number and at what time you can be reached at that number.

Class Assignment and Homework Policy

  • Students are expected to use their time wisely in class and complete daily assignments in a timely manner. Students will be given extra time to complete their assignments only if they have remained on task during class.
  • Assignments for students who are absent will have their due dates extended based on the number of class days missed.
  • Late homework assignments in Pre-AP classes will receive a maximum grade of 75.
  • Assignments in Pre-AP classes that are more than one class meeting late will not be accepted. Students must arrange for an alternate assignment.

Class Rules

  • Students will come to class on time prepared to learn with their materials: pencil, paper and completed assignments.
  • No food, drinks, makeup or electronic devices are allowed out during class.
  • Be polite and respectful to all of the people in the classroom.
  • Students will not be allowed to prevent others in the classroom from learning.