Lafon, Cecilia

About me:                Mrs. Lafon,  Building A  room #219

Hi, I am Mrs. Lafon and I'm a Math teacher at Bowie H.S.   I have been teaching for 20 years, and I really love it.  I believe that teaching is a 2 way street, where 2 people have to work together for learning to occur.
My job is to explain the material in as many ways as necesary, so that all students understand it.  I am available and ready to help students in class, one on one, after class for tutoring, or through videos that I will be posting of each theme we cover in class, so students can watch them at home.

I expect my students to come to class prepared, work hard, participate, ask questions and do all their work.  This is the only way to learn.

Students have a right to get an education, but with it comes the responsibility of doing everything they need to do, to achieve it.    A teacher alone, cannot make a student learn, if he/she doesn't do his/her part.



Class Rules


 Classroom Rules

Students are expected to do the following while in my classroom:

1.- Come prepared for class: bring something to write with and your notebook and be ready to work.

2.-Be seated and working on the warm-up when the tardy bell rings.

3.- Be respectful with others, use appropriate language (No swearing in class!!)

4.- When I am giving instructions or explaining, please don't talk. Pay attention and restrain from getting up from your seat or going to the restroom.

5.- If you have a question, raise your hand, and wait until I can come and help you, Remember there are many of you and only one of me.  Please be patient, I will give you the same attention I am giving the others.

6.- If you use any classroom materials (scissors, glue, ruler, etc), please put it back in its place, don't leave things lying around or on the floor.

7.- At the end of each class, put your desk in line, put away your binder and calculator and pick up any trash around your desk area.


9.- Be respectful to everyone in the classroom, and only use appropriate language, don't swear or use foul language in class!!

School Rules
1.-Wear ID badge at ALL TIMES
2.-No Cell Phone use in the classroom.
3.-No hats, caps or head coverings in school.
4.-No sagging pants, spaghetti straps, low-cut blouses, short shorts.
5.-No public displays of affection.



 Mrs. Lafon's Classroom:     Building A Room 219

                    Period                           Class  
                    1st/                             Planning                              

                    2nd                             Algebra II

                    3rd                             Odyssey

                    4th                              PAP Pre Cal
                    Lunch                         Lunch

                    5th                             PAP Pre Cal

                    6th                             Algebra II

                    7th                             Conference Period

                    8th                             Algebra II


Homework Policy

Students are expected to be taking notes and doing homework on time.  Any late assignments will loose 10 points  per week after the week they are due.