Juarez, Veronica


Ms. Jimenez       
My name is Veronica Jimenez. I've been teaching at Bowie High School, for 3 years and it's been quite an adventure! I am a firm believer in setting high standards and doing whatever it takes to reach those goals. I expect the same from my students and will guide them to reach their potential. Mathematics is crucial to developing skills for critical thinking and that is what students will take with them long after they graduate high school. 

"Discipline: The one thing necessary, to achieve any goal worth having."



Class Rules

1.       Be in class regularly, on time, and ready for class. If you are tardy, you must sign the tardy log.

2.       Be PREPARED for each class – (pencil, paper, binder, and textbook)

3.       Be RESPECTFUL – (towards yourself, your peers, your teachers, school, and personal property of others)

4.       Absolutely NO food, drinks or candy in class

5.       Be HONEST and trust worthy – (do your OWN work without copying or cheating. Both the copier and copiee will receive zeros)

6.       Be an ACTIVE learner – (give your best effort, seek help when needed, STAY ON TASK)

7.       BEHAVE appropriately at all times

8.       NO cell phones and/or ANY other electronic devices. It will be CONFISCATED.

9.       FOLLOW regulations as per district Student Code of Conduct








8:45am – 9:30am

Professional Development


9: 34am - 10:19am

Pre AP Pre Calculus


10:23am - 11:08am

AP Calculus


11:12am - 11:57am



11:57am – 12:38pm



12:38pm - 1:23pm

AP Calculus


1:27pm - 2:12pm

Pre AP Pre Calculus


2:16pm - 3:01pm

Varsity Cheerleading


3:05pm - 3:50 pm

Varsity Cheerleading



Tutoring is available at the times listed below, or by appointment.
  • Morning Tutoring
                    Monday - Friday
                    7:45am - 8:45am
  • Lunch Tutoring
                    Monday - Thursday by appointment
                    11:57am - 12:38pm



Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned daily and should be completed by the given deadlines. No late work will be accepted. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the complete any work they missed due to absences.