Pedroza, Daniel Mark

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Mr. Daniel Mark Pedroza Sr.

Some useful information:

Subject: ESOL 1/ Reading 1.....................ELD /ELD Reading 1

Classroom: A building 117

Conference : 10:15 -11:08

Experience: 23 years teaching ESOL Reading and English

College: I went to El Paso Community College

University:  The University of Texas at El Paso1

Degrees:I hold a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and English Literature and I hold a Master's degree in Bilingual Education Curriculum . M. Ed

El Paso native, graduated from El Paso High School

About Mr. Pedroza

Hello, my name is Mr Daniel Pedroza,I am an ESL teacher at Bowie High School. I have been teaching ESL for 23 years now. I have deep roots in Bowie as my mother was born and raised in the Segundo Barrio and was a 1943 graduate of Bowie High School.

I attended EPCC NMSU and UTEP

 I really enjoy teaching here and love teaching ESL. It gives me the opportunity to be close to an excellent group of students.

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and teaching students from all around the world. I have had students from Mexico, Russia,Honduras, Paraguay, Thailand,China,Korea ,Puerto Rico Iraq and more. These students are what make my profession an adventure and a labor of love. I remain a humble servant of the community here at Bowie.

I currently teach English Language Development and ESL 1 with their respective Reading composite.


Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00
or any time a student needs my assistance


My philosophy is that everyone is intelligent and I am here to open up that door into a student's intelligence.

"Todo estudiante  tiene la capacidad e intelligencia. Mi tarea es abrirles la puerta a esas oportunidades"


Conference Period:
10:15 -11:08
or contact me at front office

Class Expectations:
I expect the student to work hard at English listening ,speaking ,reading and writing.
I expect respectful individuals who are self-motivated to learn and become productive members of the society and community of which they are a part of.