Padilla, Roberto

Hello, my name is Robert Padilla Jr.  I am currently the Head Football Coach at Bowie High School and also work as an English/Odyssey Lab teacher.  I also serve our school as the Campus Athletic Coordinator and work closely with all of our athletic programs at Bowie High School.

Coach Robert Padilla


1st Period: CILT/CIT/DEC Meeting Period
2nd Period:Odyssey in Room 135
3rd Period: Teacher Prep
4th Period: Campus Athletic Coordinator Office Hours @ Stadium
5th Period: Campus Athletic Coordinator Office Hours @ Stadium
6th Period: HC Football Prep
7th Period: Football @ Stadium
8th Period: Football @ Stadium

Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared to work diligently on the Compass Learning assignments through the Odyssey program in our computer lab.

Coaches will guide, mentor, and hold our athletes to the highest of expectations in their academic endeavors, as well as the highest level of sportsmanship and positive behavior in their chosen field of competition.