Angulo, Rosemary

                     Rosemary Angulo

Welcome to my  personal page!

I am a high school teacher in El Paso, Tx. I teach ESL and I love it ! I have traveled all over the world and, therefore, have strengthened my love for ESL(English as A Second Language). I have been teaching for twenty years, always in the same area of town. I teach because the students keep me young and up to date. I can't imagine myself doing anything else in life!



Classroom Policies

  • Students must bring paper,pencil,and pen on a daily basis. This will not be provided by the teacher.
  • If borrowing pencils and paper becomes a habit, it will be stopped and student will not be allowed in the class.
  •  A thesaurus is placed on each desk for the students use.
  • The door will be locked when the bell rings;students that are late must bring a pass from the office.
  • Cellphones may be answered if they ring. The student should go out of the classroom to speak on the phone.
  • Texting is not allowed,under any circumstances!!! The teacher considers texting in class an insult to herself and classmates.
  • If a student is absent the teacher expects the student to ask for make up work . The teacher does not believe it is her responsibility to remind students to ask for work missed.
  • Students may sit wherever they like. This will change if the teacher decides the student must be separated from peers.


Conference period



Homework Policy

Mrs. Angulo tries not to give students too much homework. Therefore when homework IS given, then it is expected to be done and will get a DOUBLE  grade.