Herrera, Freddy

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Business Information Management/Girls Varsity Soccer

About Me
Hello my name is Freddy Herrera.  I graduated from UTEP with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.  I then earned an Alternative Certification Degree For Business so that I could teach in High School.  I have taught for 12 years in the E.P.I.S.D.  Currently, I am starting my third year at Bowie High School.  I teach Digital and Interactive Media in room B133.  I also have the privilege of coaching the Bowie Girls Varsity Soccer Team.


Class Schedule
1st Period:        Prep Period           8:45 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.      
2nd Period:       DIM                      9:34 A.M  to 10:19 A.M.
3rd Period:        DIM                      10:23 A.M to 11:08 A.M.
4th Period:        DIM                      11:12 A.M. to 11:57 A.M.
5th Period:        DIM                      12:38 P.M. to 1:23 P.M.
6th Period:        DIM                      1:27 P.M. to 2:12 P.M.
7th Period:        Girls Soccer           2:16 P.M. to 3:01 P.M.
8th Period:        Girls Soccer           3:05 P.M. to 3:50 P.M.
Contact Info

Address:                            801 S. San Marcia;  El Paso Tx 79905
Phone Number:                (915)-496-8200
Fax Number:                    (915)-532-1918

Class Expectations
1.     Come to Class on Time.
2.     Come to Class Prepared.
3.     Have A Great Attitude and Try Hard.
4.     If you don't understand ask questions.
5.     Be Responsible.

Class/Homework Policy
For Digital and Interactive Media here is the Classwork/Homework Policy:  Students are usually given 2 classes to complete classwork.  If a student hasn't finished his/her work they have a couple of options.  The first option is that the student can take the work home and complete it at home and bring it the next day.  Second, the student can come on Monday through Wednesday in the morning (from 8:05 A.M. to 8:35 A.M.) to complete any missing work.


Class Rules