Banuelas, Anna

to the


Hello!  My namBusinesse is Anna Bañuelas (Ms. Bañuelas or Ms. B to the students).

I graduated from Irvin High School and the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor's degree and a teaching certification.  I have been working at Bowie High School for a number of years.

If you ever need to talk to me, my conference period on C days is from 10:23-11:08 am and on B days from 8:45-10:15 am.  You may also contact Gloria Bates and make an appt. to meet face-to-face.



S T U D E N T    E X P E C T A T I O N S
I expect my (9th-12th) students to learn to listen to what I have to say (input), understand what I am saying or trying to say (process) and complete my assignments within a reasonable time (output).  

If a student does not understand what I am asking them to do, then talk to me.  If a student can't complete their work, then talk to me.  If a student chooses not to do the work, then tell me about it.  All of our students are capable of doing all of their assignments.  I am patient, flexible and cooperative.

If a student needs extra time to complete an assignment, I am here most mornings and afterschool.  Take advantage of the one-to-one assistance available during this time.




        C-day Time         Periods        Course           A/B-day Time      Period
  •  8:45-9:30            1st              BIM               8:45-10:15         A1/B1
  •  9:34-10:19          2nd             BIM              10:20-11:50         A2/B2
  • 10:23-11:08        Prep                                 11:50-12:40        LUNCH
  • 11:12-11:57         4th              BIM               12:45-2:15          A3/B3
  • 11:57-12:38        LUNCH                               2:30-3:50           A4/B4
  • 12:38-1:23           5th              BIM
  •  1:27-2:12            6th              BIM
  •  2:16-3:01            7th              BIM
  •  3:05-3:50            8th              BIM

Be in class before the tardy bell
Bring materials to class
No FOOD or LIQUIDS near the computers
Do not talk when someone else is talking
Respect your neighbors
Respect your room
DO NOT damage the equipment
No CELL PHONES in the classroom
Do not bring your own electronic devices



                       CLASS WARNINGS

First warning:       Warn student not break class rules
Second warning:  Warn student about breaking class rule
                                         and call parents
Third warning:     Ask for parent/teacher conference
Fourth warning:   Fill-out Student Discipline Form on 
                                         student and send to office.