Mena, Mark

Hello My Name Is...

Mark Mena


I have been teaching in EPISD for 17 years and everyday we learn from our students.  I graduated form Austin High, class of 1990.  I come from a family of educators and I knew that I wanted to teach very early on.  I completed my BIS from UTEP in 1998 and started teaching at Guillen Middle School in January 1, 1999.  The path that I chose has lead to several different educational environments.  Along with teaching, I also began coaching football at the middle school, Guillen and Lincoln Middle.  I have also coached high school football at Coronado, Jefferson, and Bowie.  I taught elementary Physical Education for 16 years and this is my first year in SPED.  I became the Head Golf Coach at Bowie High in 2006 and have loved every moment.

Conference Period

7th period
2:20-3:00 PM

Class Rules

1. Opening doors for others. Don't slam the door in the face of those behind you, but hold the door until the person behind can grab it. Also, if someone holds the door for us, say “thank you."
2. Exiting/Entering etiquette. Elevators: allow those in the elevator to exit first before entering the elevator. Same with buildings or rooms - if someone is exiting the building or room through the same door, let them exit first.

3. When entering into a building remove your hat and earphones.
These actions relax others and show them that you are open and receptive.

4. Mr., Mrs., or Miss are to be used in front of all last names when responding to, or addressing adults.
Referring to me as “Anderson” is both informal and disrespectful. In our class we show the level of respect we wish to receive.

5. Proper introductions are to be used when meeting new people.
When meeting someone for the first time: extend your hand an appropriate distance, make eye contact, speak confidently, smile, and shake their hand firmly for two seconds. A good introduction can be the difference between getting hired or not.  

6. No interrupting other people when they are speaking. Whether I or one of your classmates is speaking, we show respect by not having side conversations.

7. When a person is speaking, we pay attention.
This entails: making eye contact, listening, responding when appropriate, and ceasing all other distractors.

8. No name calling.
Even if it's in "fun", name calling hurts and can lead to fights. We must be a family that supports and feels comfortable with one another.

9. Say, "Please", "Thank you" and "You're welcome" every time there is an exchange.
Whether we’re asking to borrow a pencil or receiving a compliment, this shows respect and appreciation.

10. Clean up after yourself
at home, school or a friend's house. We always pick up any mess we create.

Bowie High is our school and with it goes great responsibility.

Once a Bear Always a Bear!